Becoming a Conscious Consumer


The Impact of a

Plastic Water Bottle

Environmental activists have long claimed that bottled water is wasteful. Usually, they point to the roughly 50 billion (mostly plastic) bottles we throw away every year.

The amount of water to make the bottle could be up to six or seven times what's inside the bottle, according to the Water Footprint Network.

Information via NPR and Treehugger

The Impact of a

Cotton Shirt

It takes 700 gallons of water to manufacture a cotton shirt. That's as much water as you will use in a week. It's enough water for a person to drink for 900 days. It also takes a lot of energy to grow the cotton and transport it, as well as the basic care that comes with a single shirt. Now, think of how many t-shirts are in your closet. In your city? On the planet? How many t-shirts do you need? 

Information via WWF

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The Impact of a

Pair of Jeans

According to a Cotton Inc. survey, the average American owns 8.3 pairs of jeans. American teens average 11 pairs of jeans.

Having this many jeans already seems a bit excessive. But when you factor in that it takes 1,800 gallons of water to grow enough cotton to make just one pair of jeans, this suddenly seems to go far beyond excess. It’s unreasonable to suggest that we no longer buy jeans or condemn those that do. 

But armed with this statistic it does seem that we should find a use for the jeans we all have soaking up space in our closets. If we’re going to use the water to grow the cotton to make the jeans, let’s put our old jeans back to use.

Information via Water Use It Wisely.